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Woodie, Woody, Shooting Brake, Break Bois...

Whatever name you choose to use, vehicles with wood bodies possess style and character missing in today's robotically built steel vehicles. Once, almost every conveyance was made of wood: boats, chariots, wagons, trains, even airplanes. The wood-sided wagons, convertibles, sedans and trucks seen here all wear the vestigial tails of their wooden predecessors. More...

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Read the Feature Articles on a few unique woodies and tour the Photo Galleries. If you have the time, browse the Woodie Resource Directory - it's full of contacts to find, fix and enjoy your woodie. at the Shop Talk section. You'll also find several pages of Links for woodies, trucks, books and search sites. For a quick at-a-glance map of this web site, check the Table of Contents. if you are in the market for a woodie or parts, check out the Classified Ads page.

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Old Woodies - Who, What & Why

The Old Woodies web site is an independent, educational endeavor that started as an Internet journal of random research on old woodies by David Miller. The site is updated as time allows. When he is not running Silverback Studio, David likes to work on his long-term projects, 1940 GMC woodie and a 1929 Red Bug.

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Old Woodies
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Old Woodies

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