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Woodie Bibliography


American Woodys
by David Fetherston
Published 1998 by Thaxton Press
Hardback, 144 pages, ISBN # 0-9652005-7-4

Amerikanishe Station Wagons + Woodies 1938-1960 (in German) 
Edited by Halwart Schrader
Published 1994 by Schrader-Motor-Chronik Band, Germany
Hardback, 96 pages, ISBN # 3-921796-24-5

Antique Auto Body Wood Work
Excerpts from Motor Body Building by C.W. Terry and Arthur Hall
A treatise on the art of building wood-framed motorcar bodies originally released in 1914. Although outdated sixty years ago, it is still informative.
Published 1969 by Post Motor Books
Paperback, 128 pages, ISBN # 911160-02-7, out of print

Auto Focus: Wood Details
by Rob Leicester Wagner
An reverent examination of the artistic utilization of wood in classic cars. This book ventures beyond the American woodie, and includes the 1933 Tulipwood Hispano-Suiza, a 1926 Rolls-Royce clad entirely in wood, Labourdette's skiffs and examples of fine woodworking in conventionally bodied vehicles.
Published 2000 by Friedman/Fairfax Publishers, Dist. by Sterling Books
Hardback, 96 pages, ISBN # 1-56799-933-6

Automotive Woodworking: Restoration, Repair and Replacement
by Rollie Johnson
To be released September 28, 2001 by Motorbooks International, Wisconsin USA
Paperback, 160 pages, ISBN # 0760309116

Brightwork, The Art of Finishing Wood (boats)
by Rebecca J. Wittman
Published 1990 by International Marine and McGraw Hill
Hardback, 182 pages, ISBN # 0-87742-984-7

Chrysler's Wonderful Woodie, The Town and Country
by Donald Narus
A rare, definitive work on the magnificent Town & Country woodies
Published 1988 by Venture Publishing, Parma Ohio USA
Hardback, 120 pages, ISBN # n/a, out of print
The author has a few copies for sale! Contact him at vwdon@worldnet.att.net

Classic Cars: Woodies - A National Treasure
By Bill Yenne
Published 1997 by O.G. Books, dist. by First Glance Books, Cobb, CA USA
Hardback, 176 pages, ISBN # 1-885440-06-5, out of print

The Do it Yourself Guide to Woodie Woodworking,
A Hands-on Guide to Restoring Wood Bodied Station Wagons
by Rich Bloechl woodyguy@geocities.com
Available from the author's website, Woody Workshop
or Bay Area Graphics, 2409 San Tomas Aquino Road, Campbell, CA 95008 USA
Paperback, 112 pages, ISBN # n/a

Great American Woodies and Wagons
by Donald Narus
This was the almost unobtainable work on woodies station wagons, with over 1,700 B&W photos. Fortunately, a new edition was published in 2001 by the late Lloyd Mayes and is now available exclusively from Bob Hickman. Copies of this seminal work on woodies are available for $45 plus $5 shipping to US addresses by calling Bob at 602-336-3020. Send your payment to Bob Hickman, 1815 West Colter St, Apt 36, Phoenix, AZ 85015.
Originally published 1977 by Crestline Publishing, Glen Ellyn, Illinois USA
Hardback, 319 pages, ISBN # 0-912612-13-4, out of print

How to Restore Wooden Body Framing
by Alan Alderwick
Excellent treatise on traditional bodywork with internal wood frames, such as the Morgan sports car.
Published 1984 by Osprey Publishing Ltd, London, UK
Hardback, 128 pages, ISBN 0-85045-590-1, out of print

The Ford Model A Mail Truck
by Aldie E. Johnson, Jr., publisher of a newsletter for the Model A mail truck
First and only definitive book on the subject.
Published 2000 by and available from:
Postal A Press, 22 Burlington Rd., Bedford, MA 01730 USA
Paperback, 188 pages, ISBN # n/a

Station Wagon: A Tribute to America's Workaholic on Wheels
by Ron Kowalke
All wagons, many woodies, mostly black & white photos
Published 1998 by Krauss Publications, Iola, Wisconsin USA
Paperback, 256 pages, ISBN # 0-87341-567-1

The Station Wagon Manual: 
How to Build Station Wagons, a Complete Guide to all Types

"Current Styles from all Parts of the World and Plans for Building Bodies"
by Keith Winser
A rare and fascinating illustrated collection of articles on wooden station wagon construction, written from a world perspective --- but no real plans.
Published 1950 by Australian Monthly Motor Manual, Melbourne Australia
Hardback, 42 pages, ISBN # n/a, out of print

Station Wagons
by Byron Olsen and Dan Lyons
A broad look at station wagons, from horse-drawn origins to the present day. Forty pages are devoted to wood-bodied wagons, with excellent pictures.
Published 2000 by Motorbooks International, Wisconsin USA
Paperback, 128 pages, ISBN # 0-76030-632-X

The Station Wagon: Its Saga and Development
by Bruce Briggs
An extremely rare, excellent study on the origins of the American woodie wagon, traced from the development of horse-drawn wagons and carriages.
Published 1975 by Vantage Press, New York, New York USA
Paperback, 86 pages, ISBN # 0-53300-801-8, out of print

Vintage Station Wagon Shop Service
Compiled by Thomas B. Garrett, DDS
Original reprints of factory service manuals from General Motors, Ford & Chrysler for wood and steel bodied station wagons.
Published 1977 by Post-Era Books, Arcadia, California USA
Paperback, 160 pages, ISBN # 0-911160-85-X, out of print

by Hans Halberstadt
Informative text, interviews with owners, 100+ gorgeous photographs.
Published 2000 by Metrobooks, an Imprint of Friedman/Fairfax Publishers
Hardback, 120 pages, ISBN # 1-56799-909-3

Woodies & Wagons, A Pictorial History
by Rich Bloechl woodyguy@geocities.com
A thorough look at the American wood-bodied automobile (see review)
Published 2000 by Bay Area Graphics
Available from the author's website Woody Workshop
or Bay Area Graphics, 2409 San Tomas Aquino Road, Campbell, CA 95008 USA
Hardback, 160 pages, ISBN # 0-9704667-0-6

by David Fetherston
Published 1995 by Motorbooks International, Wisconsin USA
Paperback, 128 pages, ISBN # 0-7603-0014-3

U.S. Military Vehicles
by Fred W. Crismon
Published 1994 by Motorbooks International, Wisconsin USA
Hardback, 470 pages, ISBN # 0-87938-907-9
Previously published 1983 by Crestline Publishing Co.

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