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Book Review

Woodies & Wagons by Rich Bloechl

Woodies & Wagons bookRecently it seems that a new woodie book crops up every year or so. They all are of interest to the woodie enthusiast, but Rich Bloechl's latest work, Woodies & Wagons - A Pictorial History, sets itself apart as an in-depth review of the American wood-bodied car. Hundreds of photos reveal the woodie in its original form - from its 19th century origins through the fifties, when the last cars with structural wood bodies were produced.

After four years of careful research, Rich has amassed a huge amount of information and shares it with the reader decade by decade, year by year. By focusing on the chronological development of the woodie, the reader is shown the progression of innovation and style contributed by a variety of builders. The visual record of woodie development includes color photographs by the author supplemented with images gleaned from archives, descendants of builders, and current owners.

What is missing? Very little if you prefer original and faithfully restored American woodies. Street rodders may think that it makes a great first volume, hoping for a latter book that covers the last fifty years. Some readers will bemoan the lack of an index, but the chronological format will suffice for most.

Rich Bloechl has succeeded in his quest to produce the most complete and factual book on the American woodie. It is a joy to read and will be a great reference for years to come.

Woodies & Wagons, A Pictorial History
by Richard Bloechl
Published 2000 by Bay Area Graphics
Hard bound, 160 pages, 300+ photographs
Not available in stores
Order direct from the author's website Woody Workshop
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