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American Woodie Autos - 1930 to 1939

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1931 DeSoto SA Six and the Elliott family1931 DeSoto SA Six owned by Don Elliott

An oh-so-rare 1931 DeSoto SA Six caught the eye (and checkbook) of Don Elliot. Only 32 chassis were shipped from the plant that year. The body is thought to have been made by J.T. Cantrell & Co. This car ended up in the U.S. Virgin Islands before it returned to the U.S. mainland around 1990. Don plans some cosmetic restoration and is intent on keeping it original and on the road - Cheers!

Photos courtesy of Don Elliott

31ford_yore.jpg (65910 bytes)  

This pristine 1931 Ford is now in the possession of Mike and Connie Yore, who own a beachwear shop in St. Joseph, Michigan. Several owners before, the Model A was destined to become a street rod until he was persuaded it was too perfect to cut up.

Photo courtesy Mike and Connie Yore

33dodge_rf.jpg (39872 bytes)

Jeff Guss' 1933 Dodge has a special-order Cantrell body. It competed in the 1986 Great American Race from New York to Disneyland, California

Photo courtesy Jeff Guss

33dodge_sepia.jpg (22316 bytes)

Another 1933 Dodge 'Semi-Sedan', this one has a body by United States Body & Forging Co. of Tell City, Indiana. 

1934 Packard

This very rare 1934 Packard woodie station wagon was shown at the 1999 Meadow Brook Concours d'Elegance by William J. Chorkey of Farmington Hills. Body was built by Bridgeport Body Works and the vehicle is the only woodie of that model known to exist.

Photo & caption by By Richard A. Wright
Courtesy Detroit News Joyrides

1934 American Austin Station Wagon

This partially paneled 1934 American Austin station wagon may have set the stage for the American Bantam seen below. This example is owned by Art Rabstein, of Toms River, NJ.

Thanks to Microcar & Minicar Club (USA)

1936 Ford

$670 bought you a shiny new 1936 Ford with modern pressed steel wheels and roll-up windows in the front doors. It was also the last year Fords had separate headlamps.

Photo courtesy of the owner, Jerry Schultz

 36ford.jpg (118364 bytes)

A former Woodie Times cover car, Ray Beniquez's 1936 Ford is one of several woodies his family imported to Puerto Rico from the U.S.  His stable of woodies also includes 1935, 1939 and 1941 Fords. 

Photo courtesy Ray Beniquez

36dodge.jpg (60512 bytes)

Dick DeLuna's 1936 Dodge Westchester ½ ton Suburban Also known as the Seabright Beach Surf Patrol wagon

1936 Brewster1936 Brewster grille

The 1936 Brewster station wagon was likely built on a lengthened Ford chassis. Brewster was a revival of the prestigious coachbuilder's name and manufactured about 300 cars from 1934-1936 in the former Rolls Royce of America, Inc. facility in Springfield, Massachusetts. The U.S. Rolls Royce firm had purchased the original Brewster & C. in 1926. The cars were expensive and easily recognized by their heart-shaped grille and flowing fenders.

Source: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of the World's Automobiles,
by David Burgess Wise

1937 Packard 120 by Brooks Stevens

This elegant 1937 Packard 120 is a one-off creation by noted industrial designer Brooks Stevens. Note the front door is not timbered, a style frequently seen on English shooting brakes of the period. Mr. Stevens subsequently designed the Monart wagon conversions and the all-steel Willys station wagon.

Source: Detroit Public Library National Automotive History Collection

1938 Pontiac

A very rare 1938 Pontiac restored to original condition by long-time National Woodie Club member, George Gereg. He found it in a barn and purchased it from the original owner, who was 83 years old. Less than 1000 were made, only four survivors are known. This one has been repainted in its original 'Metallic Elkskin Brown' color.

Photo courtesy of George Gereg of Bethel, Connecticut USA

1938 American Bantam left front1938 American Bantam left rear

1938 American Bantam is the smallest woodie wagon produced, smaller than the Crosley by a few inches. For more information on this diminutive woodie view the Old Woodies feature story: The American Bantam Station Wagon.

Photos courtesy of Classic Dream Cars

1939 Chrysler Imperial 1939 Chrysler Imperial

Another Woodie Times cover car, Wes Aplanalp's 1939 Chrysler Imperial C23 custom-bodied by Bohman & Schwartz in 1940/41, was featured in the Petersen Museums woodie retrospective.

Courtesy Wes Aplanalp and The Imperial Pages

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