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American Woodie Autos - 1945 to 1949

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Postwar Chrysler Town & Country sedan

In 1946, Chrysler continued the Town & Country legend with sedan and convertible models. Sadly, the pre-war 'barrel-back' wagon was missing from the model line-up

Photo courtesy Chrysler Town & Country Owners Registry

MVC-006F.JPG (59495 bytes)

This 1946 Ford Super Deluxe did a stint on display at Sea World after serving as transportation for a Mexican Government official. For more details, browse the Old Woodies feature: WoodGal's Mexican Beauty

Photo courtesy Steve & Jeanette Early

1947 Ford station wagon

With a total production of 16,104 woodie wagons in 1947, Ford station wagons found their way around the world. This 1947 Ford Super Deluxe is owned by Per Hedlund of Helsingborg, Sweden.

Photo courtesy of Per Hedlund

47olds_esposito.jpg (95567 bytes)

Jim Esposito's 1947 Oldsmobile Special 66 station wagon was located and restored by Les Stinson of Summerdale, Alabama. Despite the stock appearance, this Olds has a modern drive train and new front suspension.

Photo courtesy Jim Esposito

six-door 194x Oldsmobile

Dale Watson is looking for this unique custom built six-door Oldsmobile, which he once owned

Photo source: Dale Watson, Skowhegan, Maine USA
Seen in Woodie Times, the National Woodie Club magazine

47cad_ schwartz_mariemcdonald.jpg (12042 bytes)

47cad_ schwartz_geneautry_6door.jpg (12543 bytes)

A pair of custom built Cadillacs built by Maurice Schwartz. The top photo depicts the a four door limousine built for for shoe magnate Harry Karl as a present for his wife, movie star Marie McDonald. The lower photo is cowboy star Gene Autry's six door limousine, similar to 1946 six door woodie built earlier for a movie studio.

Photos and information courtesy The (new) Cadillac Database©

46nash_lr.jpg (100570 bytes)

From 1946 to 1948, Nash produced the 'Suburban', a wood-bodied four-door sedan in the style of the Chrysler Town & Country. A total of 1,000 were built in this three year period.

Photo courtesy Pacific Northwest Region, Nash Car Club of America
Information: 'Standard Catalog of American Cars 1946-1975', edited by Ron Kowalke

48chevy_prince.jpg (36324 bytes)

1948 Chevrolet Model 2109 Fleetmaster. This year's model set the record for Chevrolet woodie production with 10,171 wagons built. Both Cantrell and Iona built bodies to fill the demand for the last Chevrolet wagon with structural wood.

Photo courtesy Bob Prince

1949 Packard Station Sedan - photo by Jimmy Reynolds1949 Packard Station Sedan - photo by Jimmy Reynolds

In 1948, Packard released their Twenty-Second Series cars - they did not adhere to model year nomenclature. They were Packard's first totally new models were since before World War II. This 1949 wagon owned by Brian and Annette Marie Burke sports a wild mix of wood and modern styling.

Photos by Jimmy Reynolds

49plymouth_charlesfurman64.jpg (91123 bytes)

This 1949 Plymouth was Charles Furman's ride in the mid-sixties, hauling boards and friends to Santa Cruz - this shot was taken in 1964.

Photo courtesy Charles Furman

kellerwagon1.jpg (133667 bytes)

Once there was a small manufacturer of small cars in a small city in Alabama. 18 cars were made, three still exist. Ron Barnett's two-owner 1949 Keller station wagon prototype is one of a kind.

Photo courtesy Ron Barnett

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