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Doheny Wood 2000
doheneydeccal.jpg (57353 bytes) Doheny Beach, California USA --- On April 29, 2000, the Southern California Woodie Club presented Doheny Wood 2000, their annual beach blast and woodie meet.  The weather was fine and so was the wood!  Thanks and a tip of the hat to Jim Esposito for all of the photos and captions.

woodie NSRA

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overpass.jpg (86637 bytes)

Nice crowd - the view from the overpass

dwelles38ford.jpg (59791 bytes)

Dave Welles' 38 Ford Deluxe - Part of a contingent of surf nuts from
 the Santa Cruz Woody club joined the activities of the Doheny meet.

woodytrailer.jpg (78333 bytes)

SoCal Woodie Club Vice President Jon Kennedy's
 woodie with a trailer full of Whizzers

fdsportsman.jpg (94377 bytes)

Knockout Ford Sportsman

mercsportsman.jpg (57518 bytes)

Stunning Mercury Sportsman

woodywoody.jpg (65280 bytes)

Woody's woodie, AKA WoodGal's "Mexican Beauty"

greenbuick.jpg (73557 bytes)

Gorgeous green Buick Roadmaster

meierpontiac.jpg (78669 bytes)

Jeff Meier's 48 Pontiac Car was found in a barn in Ohio.
 The original owner stored this car in the winter by covering
 it with a layer of hay. 35,000 original miles - perfect condition!

henrys48ford.jpg (55465 bytes)

Henry and Karen Trulson' 1948 Ford Deluxe -
a two year labor of love restoration

specialintrest.jpg (77392 bytes)

Kitt Kantner's 1938 Ford originally from Canada. then went to Australia,
 right hand drive rebuilt in New Zealand and now living in La Jolla California.
 It won the Special Interest award.

redrod.jpg (64711 bytes)

Hot red woodie rod
Hot red woodie wod
Hot wed woodie wod

surfin28.jpg (63535 bytes)

The license plate reads "SURFN 28" - Ford Model A panel wagon

yellow51buick.jpg (73530 bytes)

Low-down 1951 Buick

edsel.jpg (75451 bytes)

What can I say ..its an EDSEL!

LA Wood

Photos and captions courtesy of Jim Esposito

If you can provide more information on the woodies shown here, send it to
Old Woodies and we'll update the captions.

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