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Wavecrest 1999 - 20th Annual Woodie Meet

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Encinitas, California USA --- this sleepy little town, known for surfing and self-realization, played host to the 20th Annual Wavecrest Woodie Meet on a misty Saturday in September 1999

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woody wavecrest

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1950 Buick Roadmasters - stock and not

rattan bike & woodie.jpg (60386 bytes)

Woodies - two & four wheels

t&c coupe & pedalcar.jpg (71068 bytes)

Woodies - big & small

plymouth resto r.jpg (54073 bytes)

Plymouth restoration in progress

international 40 lr open.jpg (71788 bytes)

1940 International ½ ton

t&c barrelback.jpg (61872 bytes)

The barrel-back 1942 Chrysler Town & Country Wagon

red rod fl.jpg (66679 bytes)

Phat wood

ford.jpg (59283 bytes)

Mark Gansel's 1946 Ford

teardrop woodie.jpg (63759 bytes)

The oldest known woodie tear-drop trailer

dodge highlander 47 rr.jpg (58213 bytes)

1947 Dodge ½ ton

theme.jpg (60132 bytes)

A themed entry

tailgating.jpg (69365 bytes)

Tailgating with style - Dave Woody's delectable 1948 Oldsmobile Deluxe

aliens 2.jpg (60025 bytes)

Some folks traveled very far to attend

woodie wavecrest

All photos: David Miller for www.oldwoodies.com

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For more information on Wavecrest, visit them at www.wavecrestwoodies.com
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