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Woodies in the Woods 2000

Moonstone Beach, Cambria California

Moonstone Beach in Cambria is home to one of the most relaxed woodie gatherings around. George Benson of Moonlight Woodies organizes the event each fall in this coastal community between San Francisco and Los Angeles. This year, The weather was cool and damp - not the kind of day that lures woodies and their owners out of their cozy, dry homes. But what makes this meet worth the trip is the warm camaraderie of this laid-back group.

A contingent of several cars came down from Santa Cruz Woodie Club. Later many of the cars went for a cruz out to a berry orchard. The evening capped off with a beautiful dinner party hosted by George at his home. For information on next year's event, visit the Moonlight Woodies web site at www.moonlightwoodies.com.

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Two fat fendered 'forty Fords

Host George Benson and his Moonlight Woodie Mercury

1940 Oldsmobile

A 1940 Oldsmobile...

Two fat fendered 'forty Fords

Two fabulous fat fendered 'forty Fords

Two fat fendered 'forty Fords

A handsome shoebox Ford from 1951

1930 Ford Model A

1930 Ford Model A needed curtains

1937 Pontiac

Billy Parker's unrestored 1937 Pontiac is used daily

1946 Pontiac Streamliner

Classic 1946 Pontiac Streamliner owned by Don Reed

Many thanks to Jim Esposito for his photos and descriptions.

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