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Woodies on the Wharf 2001

View from the overpass View from the overpass

Santa Cruz, California USA --- June 23, 2001, The Santa Cruz Woodies Chapter of the National Woodie Club hosted Northern California's biggest woodie meet on the Santa Cruz Warf.

Woodies on the Wharf was FABULOUS…again! The day started out overcast, became clear with temps in the high 70's, low 80's, 150 + woodies, some new, some returning, most gorgeous, all cool, thousands of spectators, a delicious 'tailgate' dinner, awards, music by Bob Lopez and a Sunday morning cruise…it just don't get no betta than that!

Thanks to Gary O'Connor for the event report, Jeanette and Steve Early and Charles Furman photos of this years event.

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1938 Pontiac - Photo/Early
1938 Pontiac

1937 International - Photo/Furman
1937 International

1940 Pontiac - Photo/Early
1940 Pontiac

1941 Chevrolet - Photo/Early
1941 Mercury

1941 Chevrolet - Photo/Early
1941 Chevrolet

1946-8 Chrysler Town & Country - Photo/Early
1946-8 Chrysler Town & Country

1946 Pontiac 8 - Photo/Early
1946 Pontiac 8

1947 Ford - Photo/Early
1947 Ford

1947 Buick & 1947 Chevy - Photo/Early
1947 Buick & 1947 Chevrolet

1947 Nash Suburban - Photo/Early
1947 Nash Suburban

1947 Chevrolet - Photo/Furman
1947 Chevrolet

48 Pontiac Deluxe - Photo/Early
1948 Pontiac Deluxe

1948 Chevrolet - Photo/Furman
1948 Chevrolet

1949 Buick Super - Photo/Early
1949 Buick Super

1950's Ford Country Squires - Photo/early
1949 Dodge

1950's Ford Country Squires - Photo/early
1950's Ford Country Squires

Cliff & Kathy Bartlett's 1953 Mercury - Photo/Early
1953 Mercury

Chrysler PT Cruiser - Photo/Early
Chrysler PT Cruiser

woodie events

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For more photos of Woodies on the Wharf 2001,
visit Jeanette & Steve Early's Photopoint Photo Albums

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