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French Woodies - 1920 to 1929 - Utilities

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Early 1920's Citroen B2 La Normande Early 1920's Citroen B2 La Normande

1923-1925 Citroën Type B2 Camionette Normande Citroën brought out the B2 Normande for rural customers - "Farmers, men of Progress, you have already replaced man's labour by the machine. Why not replace your horse by one when you have to go to market? Try out the automobile."

Photos courtesy Citroën Email discussion list (France)
Information: PATAN automobielclub (Netherlands)
and Le musée de la Publicité (France)

1922 Citroën Type B2 Camionette Boulangère

Early twenties Citroën Type B2 Camionette Boulangère (baker's truck) is the fixed-roof version of the Normande.

Collection of Thierry Dubois & Route Paris - Côte d'Azur

1925 Peugeot Charrette Normande

1925 Peugeot Charrette Normande found for sale in early 2002 on the Anciennes de France web site: Bon état. Carte grise.+ Un moteur refait et diverses pièces détachées., Dept (77), Prix : 8 842 Euros, soit 58000 FF à débattre, Tel : 0160299306, Email jean.richard3@wanadoo.fr

Courtesy www.anciennesdefrance.com

1925 Ford Bordelaise 1925 Ford Bordelaise

These two different 1925 'Bordelaise' Ford Model T torpedos were built in the Bordeaux Ford factory in Gironde, France, with a wood body of alternating ash and mahogany strips. Others were covered with sheet steels.

Courtesy of Thierry Dubois & Route Paris - Côte d'Azur


1925 Chenard-Walcker Boulangère is a rustic offering from an old car maker better known for their technical innovations and racing cars.

Collection of Thierry Dubois & Route Paris - Côte d'Azur

Mid-twenties Peugeot 5CV

Mid-twenties Peugeot 5CV has removable signs so the family could use the vehicle on weekends.

Thanks to Fer Cools

Post-WW1 La Licorne

This wood-bodied touring car was among the models offered when the French manufacturer, La Licorne (The Unicorn), resumed production after World War I. In the thirties, the French manufacturer was closely aligned with Citroën. Corre La Licorne produced their last car in 1950.

Photo courtesy Gazoline (French)
More information: Les Amis de la Licorne (French)

Unic Camionette at a CVBA meetUnic Camionette

Unic, another French manufacturer, produced sturdy open wagons in the style typical of the period. The firm was subsequently acquired by Simca, and became their commercial vehicle department.

Courtesy Club Basque de Véhicules Anciens
and Une Belle Collection (French)

1926/27 Citroën B121926/27 Citroën B12

This 1926/27 Citroën B12 was rebuilt after the war with many parts of Citroën B2, B10 and B14 models. At the time, the owner was a carpenter working near Paris and he created this 'break de chasse' in oak.

Photo courtesy of the present owner, Thierry Dubois
and Route Paris - Côte d'Azur

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