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Military Woodies World War II and Later

ZIS-5V Soviet Transport truck with wood cab and bed - Modeled by James Blackwell

The ZIS-5 was the standard three metric ton cargo truck in use throughout the war, and met most Soviet needs very well. Seen here is the ZIS-5V with a simplified wooden cab and cargo bed. This variation was developed to speed production and often times came with either one or no headlights. The ZIS-5 is available as a 1:35 scale model made by Italeri (Zvedza) Kit No. 297.

Source: Cookie Sewell & James Blackwell on Missing Links

1937 Pontiac - Italian ambualnce conversion

1937 Pontiac modified for use as an ambulance in Europe.

Source: Bugatti 35 Car Services (Spain)

WW2 Dodge

This 1941 Dodge was manufactured in the United States, then shipped 'CKD' - completely knocked down, to India. The body was completed there and outfitted for the assigned task. This woodie was built with a desk, table and a bed, then shipped to China for use as a mobile command post.

Sources: Military Wheeled Vehicles, by Fred Crismon

1942 Buick Model 8-40B staff car

1942 Buick Model 8-40B staff car used in North Africa.

Sources: Military Wheeled Vehicles, by Fred Crismon

1942 Monart Mercury Civil Defense 1942 Monart Mercury Civil Defense

1942 Monart Mercury Carryall 1942 Monart Mercury Ambulance

The Monart wagon conversions were created by noted industrial designer Brooks Stevens to fill the need for higher capacity automobiles. By spring 1942, U.S. automobile manufacturing ceased as factories converted to production for the war effort. Stevens showed that existing 1941-42 Mercury and Ford sedans could be rebodied for use by the military and civil defense.

Monart photos: Collection of David Miller

1941 Ford C11ADF

Based on the 1941-42 Ford wood-bodied station wagon, the type C11ADF had space for five passengers and could be used as a mobile command post. Originally built in Canada, they were subsequently modified by the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. In WW2, they were used by the SAS, an elite British commando unit in North Africa. These vehicles can be identified by their 9.00x13" flotation tires.

Source: British-Forces.com (offline)
Much more information is available on Colin Steven's Canadian Military Vehicles

1941 Ford command car

This is a Canadian 1941 Ford C11ADF station wagon cut-down and modified for use by Field Marshal Sir Harold Alexander, Commander of the Allied armies in the North African and Italian campaigns.

Source: Canadian War Museum and the Military Vehicles Mailing List

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