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Phantom Woodies

Hercules bodyPhantoms are cars and trucks with wooden bodies installed on custom chassis or chassis that were originally built with conventional steel bodies. But the distinction is clouded by rebodied Rolls-Royce, postwar Chevrolet 'Country Clubs' and most recently, adaptations of Chrysler's retro-styled PT-Cruiser. For the most part, phantoms are modern interpretations of traditional woodie styling. I will leave it to you to decide what constitutes a phantom woodie.

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Ghostwood 1932 Ford highboy wagon Ghostwood Deuce Nomad

Curtis Creek's latest woodie creation is this new Nomad-style '32 Ford nick-named the 'Spruce Deuce'. The chassis has been lengthened 9" and dropped 4". It's got a 327 Chevy engine, automatic transmission, power windows and remote entry. The two-tone woodwork is done in maple and cherry, with a white tuck and roll interior.

Photos courtesy of Curtis Creek, Ghostwood Enterprises

Woodster front viewWoodster rear view

Gary & Terry O'Connor of Santa Rosa, California writes "Our 'Woodster' boasts a redwood strip body (it really is from our back fence) on a VW pan, is powered by a '68 Corvair engine, and has been in our family for 25 years. I built it in 1977-'78 and drove it to New York City in 1980. Over the next several years we autocrossed it, rallied with it and toured it all over the western US. My eldest son helped restore it in '96-'97 and he and I did the 'AmeriCruise' in 2000, driving to Lincoln, Nebraska; Denver, Colorado; Coeur d'Alene, Idaho; and back home to Santa Rosa, California.

Source: the Woodies List & KitCar.com

Lennart Reyden's Scandinavian street rod

The roads of Sweden are an unlikely pace to find a woodie - particularly one as nice as Lennart Rydén's phantom street rod.

Photo courtesy of Lennart Rydén

Phantom DLux

Dick Lux's 'dlux' phantom '32 Ford was built from scratch - starting with a steel Ford body then wrapping it up with maple timbers and panels. A small block chevy lurks under the hood. By the way, it is for sale.

Photo courtesy Dick Lux (800)229-8965

Phantom Limo

This 1932 Ford stretch woodie limosine is used as a parade and wedding vehicle. A small-block chevy provides locomotion.

Photo and information courtesy Kruse International

1932 Chevrolet phantom woodieJim & Judi Shine's phantom 1932 Chevy woodie

Jim & Judi Shine's 1932 Chevrolet phantom named 'Honolulu Lulu'. Jim finished her enough to drive her and actually won 'Best Modified' trophy in its first show.

Photos courtesy Jim & Judi Shine

1933 Willys

Joe Kovi's 1933 Willys seen at Good Guys Charlotte October 2000. The Willys is featured in the December 2000 issue of Street Rodder Magazine.

Photo by Al Turner, Maryville, Tennessee

1930's Ford phantom

Seen at the 2000 NSRA Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky

Photo by David Miller

1930's Ford phantom

Seen at the 2000 NSRA Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky

Photo by David Miller

Ford phantom

Seen at the 2000 NSRA Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky

Photo by David Miller

Ford panel phantom

Seen at the 2000 NSRA Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky

Photo by David Miller

Phantom Willys

A really clean Willys wagon seen at a meet in San Clemente, California

Photo by Dave Lindsay

Ford Anglia

Pete and Sher Lewis' 1956 Ford Popular (Anglia) phantom woodie can be found on the roads of South Wales, UK. It has a Jaguar rear axle, GM independant front end. 2000cc Pinto Ford Pinto engine. Clad in American red oak, this woody is three inches off the ground and is only 53 inches tall.

Photo courtesy Pete & Sher Lewis

The 'Calico Surfer' by George Barris

The 'Calico Surfer' show car was created in the mid-sixties by the King of Kustoms, George Barris.

Source: Postcard, Old Woodies collection

1969 Ford “Woodstang”

This rather dubious 1969 Ford 'Woodstang Mach 1' is thought to have been the only Mustang variant produced on April 1, 1969.

Courtesy Mark Marcus & First Tennessee Regional Group Mustang Club

Posies' Extremeliner

Posies' Extremeliner was the hit of the 1999 custom showcar season. Thom Taylor integrated styling from the streamliners of the late thirties with current showcar asthetics.

1979 Mercedes Phantom Wagon

This 1979 Mercedes-Benz custom woodie wagon was for sale in 2002. It is real wood - mahogany and white ash - on an original 250T wagon.

Photo & caption © Edward Chipley, Florida

2001 PT Cruiser woodie Phantom Chrysler PT-Cruiser woodie

The new woodie a lot of people have been waiting for - the Chrysler PT Woody. There are a handful of PT Cruiser woodie conversions, but no word yet from Daimler-Chrysler.

Photos courtesy of MotorWrx.com (left)
and WoodGal, Jeanette Early (right)

PTWoody seen at the Detroit Auto Show, January, 2001

Seen at the January, 2001 Detroit Auto Show... another PT Woody. Is Daimler-Chrysler getting serious about releasing a wallpaper woodie?

Thanks and a tip of the hat to Rick Ricketts
Seen on AutoExtremeist.com

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