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Woodie Trucks 1940 to 1949

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David Miller's 1940 GMC one-ton woodie originally built for the Merritt family of Oakland, California is another one-of-kind.  Restoration is under way.

1941 Siata 500 Camionetta 1941 Siata 500 Camionetta

1941 Siata 500 Cammionetta A pickup with one seat, based on 500A chassis. Metal body but woody style.

Courtesy of Alessandro Sannia, author of Fiat Fuoriserie

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1941 GMC ½ ton Campbell body and destined to be a street-rod.

Campbell-bodied 1942 Chevy

1942 Chevrolet ½ ton by Mid-States Body (Campbell). Chevy contracted during the war for them to be converted to woodies, they sent Cambell the entire frame and drivetrain, front truck section, floor and rear fenders. Then Cambell went to work on the wood. The wooden bodied truck was completed in June of 1943 and was sent to the military with several others. Most were disassembled and crated and sent to India during the war. This one was sent to San Diego for military officer transport. After the war it was sold to a man in Escondido, CA at a government auction and then paid off a $150 debt in 1968. It then spent 35 years in a Santa Ana, CA garage. After a two-year restoration it is back on Southern California streets again.

Photo courtesy of the owner, Mark Gansel

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1942 Chevrolet ½ ton chassis with a body by thought to be built by Mifflinburg.

Great American Woodies & Wagons, by Donald Narus

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1946 Chevrolet ½ ton assembled in India with teak? and Masonite panels

Great American Woodies & Wagons, by Donald Narus

1946 Fiat 508 Balilla

1946 Fiat 508 Balilla is very very similar to the standard Fiat pickup. This is an old sedan cut and trasformed by Pucci.

Courtesy of Alessandro Sannia, author of Fiat Fuoriserie

48gmc.jpg (9373 bytes)

1948 GMC ¾ ton 12 passenger bus with a body likely to have been made by Campbell. If so, this is another "Surrey" and was usually built on Dodge chassis

Great American Woodies & Wagons, by Donald Narus

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1948 International KB-1 ½ ton - Builder unknown

Great American Woodies & Wagons, by Donald Narus

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Don Gilbert's 1948 GMC is a rare example of a woodie on a General Motors Truck chassis. Campbell Mid-State and J.T. Cantrell & Co. were known for truck-based wooden bodies.

Source: National Woodie Club

1948 Studebaker 1948 Studebaker 1948 Studebaker

1948 Studebaker features a highly styled wooden body. The curved tailgate and liftgate are quite unusual. After WW2, J.T. Cantrell & Co. produced bodies for Studebakers destined for export. This vehicle's body is unlike a Cantrell design and is likely to have produced by another manufacturer.

Photos © Studebaker Select Netherlands (English)

Fiat Topolino Ollearo

Fiat 500 'Ollearo' based on the Fiat 500 Topolino which was introduced in 1936 and produced relatively unchanged until the mid 1950's. The Topolino's 500cc motor was not known for torque, but with six wheels the load capacity must have been improved.

Photo Source: Topolino Fuoriserie, a book by Alessandro Sannia
Seen on Massarenti Massimo's Topolino Fiat (Italian)

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