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Woodie Trucks after 1949

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50stude.jpg (14383 bytes)

1950 Studebaker ½ ton Cantrell body. Built for export, it was never available in the United States

Great American Woodies & Wagons, by Donald Narus

50dodge.jpg (20533 bytes)

Brad Anderson's 1950 Dodge commercial station wagon with a body built by Campbell Mid-State was formerly owned by surf legend Dewey Weber

50dodgepw.jpg (28773 bytes)

George Wellman's incredible 1950 Dodge Power Wagon was commissioned as a retirement gift. Mid-States Body Co. did the honors.

Source: www.dodgepowerwagon.com

landroverbrake-rs.jpg (74536 bytes)landroverbrake-r.jpg (80599 bytes)

Scott Miller's Land Rover Series I shooting brake. This coach-built woodie is a real rarity, and it's no surprise that Scott's Rover was voted the People's Choice award at a recent Mid-Atlantic Land Rover meet.

Caption & photo: RoverWeb

51fordson_e83w_ford10(2).jpg (9241 bytes)

An uncommon 1951 Fordson E83W (Ford 10), woodie utility. Steel doors were frequently used on English woodies. Check the Postwar English Shooting Brakes page for a view of another Fordson woodie.

Source: Great British Classic Cars web site 

52chev-carlzech1.jpg (70386 bytes)

Carl Zech's 1952 Chevrolet sports a J.T. Cantrell Body

Photo courtesy Carl Zech, Syracuse, NY

dodgefiretruck.jpg (43046 bytes)

It is really no wonder that fire trucks are made of steel. This wooden Dodge Fire Department squad truck defies conventional logic and is built of wood. The bus was photographed by Jim Esposito at WaveCrest 2000.

Photo: Jim Esposito

55chev.jpg (7991 bytes)55gmc.jpg (19138 bytes)

1955 Chevrolet and GMC ½ tons with 10 passenger J.T. Cantrell bodies. These models were just about the end of the line for Cantrell & Co. as well as for any woodie with structural wood components.

Great American Woodies & Wagons, by Donald Narus

goliath2.jpg (29234 bytes)goliath1.jpg (51669 bytes)

A pair of the strangest woodies yet, built by Goliath in Germany.

Amerikanische Station Wagons + Woodies, by Halwart Schrader

Phantom Ford Expedition created by The Wood'N Carr

A visual 'tip of the hat' to the wooden predecessors of today's sport utility vehicles. This phantom Ford Expedition was created in Doug and Suzy Carr's Southern California shop, The Wood'N Carr.

Courtesy of Doug & Suzy Carr, The Wood'N Carr

Painted Pakistani Truck Painted Pakistani Truck

Pakistani trucks must be one of the most recognisable features of the country! It is said that many truck drivers, unable to marry because of lack of time or money, pour all of their money, love and inspiration into their vehicles.

One of the collection of workshops where Pakistani trucks are constructed, repaired and decorated, is situated at the busy link road between Rawalpindi's bus terminal and the Grand Trunk Road which connects Peshawar via Pindi with Lahore. Here, mechanics deal with the machines and carpenters, locally called "body makers", construct the wooden bodies of the trucks that are finally painted and decorated with images, little mirrors, ornamental fittings, glittering reflectors and sounding chains.

Photos and caption by Martin Sökefeld ©2000 Asienhaus Essen
From Colours on the Road: Truck Painting in Pakistan
An exhibition of photography at Asienhaus Essen

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