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Woodies Throughout the World - 1910 to 1919

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Zulu woodie

An early African motorcar built of wood and driven by proud Zulu warriors.

Photo from Automania, a book by Julian Pettifer & Nigel Turner

1922 S.C.A.T. Ceirano

1910 SCAT 22hp wood-bodied speedster. SCAT (Societa Ceirano Automobili Torino) was formed by Giovanni Ceirano at Turin, Italy in 1906. Due to personal losses, Giovanni left the company in 1917 and a French investment group (controlled by Hispano-Suiza) took ownership.

Photo and caption courtesy of www.CarsFromItaly.com

1910 Bugatti with wooden deck

This wood-decked 1910 Bugatti Type 13 was an early effort of automotive genius and entrepreneur Ettore Bugatti. The eight-valve, four cylinder model, one of five built in the first production year, is supposed to have seen service during World War I. The Bugatti factory always resided in Molsheim, Alsace district, but the border between Germany and France moved, so that before WW-I it existed in Germany, and after in France.

Photo and caption: Automotive Quarterly, Volume 6, No.1
and Jacob's Bugatti Pages

11mercedes.jpg (25353 bytes)

This 1911 Mercedes 90 HP Skiff was awarded the Mercedes-Benz Silver Laurel Trophy for the vehicle that exhibits the ultimate in artistic expression, reflecting timeless beauty and classic elegance. Originally built with a different style of body for the American hat maker, Henry Stetson, it was rebodied by American automotive restoration specialist Dale Adams in the style of French carrossier Henri Labourdette.

Owner Scott Isquick claimed he wasn't getting good work out of the man who charged $500,000 for the restoration, so he sued. Dale Adams, the car restorer, fought back with a counter-suit, alleging slander and business interference. A jury sided with Adams and awarded him 2.9 million dollars.

Photo by Dennis Adler, Source: Concours East
Legal note: Akron Beacon Journal, March 1, 2001

1914 Benz

The Model 8-20 Benz was built in open and closed versions from 1912 to 1920. The Museum's 1914 Benz Tourer, with its lapstrake mahogany planked body, is an especially rare example of a German marque which claimed to incorporate the finest craftsmanship in the world. It is representative of middle-sized, moderately powered European touring cars of its era. The car is in the collection of the Owls Head Transportation Museum, in Owls Head, Maine USA

Photo & caption: Owls Head Transportation Museum

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