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1948 teardrop trailer



With a growing preponderance of English cars in Australia there is a growing demand for lightweight caravans. This type is called a cabin car in America where they are also popular, enabling faster travel and easier negotiation of bumpy by-roads. All motorists, too, know that a lighter pull gives more m.p.g. and saves clutch and rear axle troubles. If the owner of such a trailer as this has a sleeping body in the car, or, as most caravanners do, add a tent annexe, it becomes quite a handy proposition for the family man.

This trailer can be made by the prospective caravan builder with the knowledge that it will not be as duifficult to construct as a full-size van. It is all the easier if it is built on a ready made stock chassis.

Fitted with electric light and nearly 7 ft. long in the cabin interior, it offers good sitting headroom and is as roomy as a big sedan.

The plans as illustrated of the chassis show how the trailer could be made into a 2 purpose utility hauler, the whole of the body and cabinet work may be removed and stake sides added on to the floorboards. If this work-horse use of the trailer is not contemplated the chassis construction may be simplified.

In making this Trailer for Two, the first step is to make a hardwood frame which is bolted on to the side and end sections of the frame. Flooring can be only made from what is procurable today, but the ideal would be half-inch plywood screwed and glued to the frame of the chassis. Plywood or masonite are recomended for the sides.

When making the side walls, it is best to glue the side panels on to the frame when it is placed in an horizontal position on the floor. Joints must be waterproofed. panel sides are then screwed on to frame members.

Windows and other fixtures on the walls can be cut before the side panels are finally bolted on to the frame.

This side panelling completed, there only remains the roofing and fitting up the cupboards in the interior and kitchenette.


This information is presented solely as a historical document, and without revision. No recommendations or claims are made as to the safety, suitability or accuracy of these plans.

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